I Have Fallen and Need Some Help

The Power of Patterns

November 09, 2022 Erin Thompson Episode 4
I Have Fallen and Need Some Help
The Power of Patterns
Show Notes

This episode dives into the power of patterns. The patterns we pay attention too can help us define the path we want to take for our lives. The power of patterns can also help us identify the areas we need to change in our life in order to achieve the goals we want to achieve, 

As a caregiver, the patterns we identify can guide us to a better transition of care for our loved ones, identify struggles in our loved ones that are new or we see them differently and through identifying the patterns we can get the care our loved one needs.

The power of patterns can change the direction in our lives that will allow us peace and the clarity we desire if we:
1. Identify the pattern
2. Us the patterns to our/our loved ones best interest
3. Create patterns that propel us to where we want to be

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