I Have Fallen and Need Some Help

Things I have learned focusing on Life in Reverse

November 16, 2022 Erin Thompson Episode 5
I Have Fallen and Need Some Help
Things I have learned focusing on Life in Reverse
Show Notes

Today's podcast episode dives into my reality of focusing on life in reverse. I never knew how impacted my life was by focusing on life in reverse. In many ways I consider living life in reverse a great blessing, but it can be strange when my point of view is not the mainstream of my peers. But uniqueness and authenticity is a badge of honor and certainly a way to stand out! (so I tell myself)

Some of the biggest lessons I learned are:
1. Financial, you don't have to have made a lot of money to be able to afford Assisted Living. You just have to have lived below your means
2.How we raise our children or how much we loved them doesn't mean they will be excellent caregivers, because not everyone has the skill of caregiving.
3. Boys can be excellent caregivers of their elderly parents, despite what popular opinion is.
4.How you treat your children's spouses is important.
5.The need for connection never goes away
6. Bingo is popular because it is a way for expression of the competitive nature.
7. All insurance is not created equal and should be studied through the lens of pay now or pay later. This includes long term care insurance and Medicare insurance.

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